About us

At Cybermatix we provide solutions and services in cyber security by combining state of the art data analytics with cutting edge cyber instruments. Our mission is to provide models and tools for real time monitoring and prediction of cyber threats by utilizing complex data from diverse sources.


To disrupt the cat and mouse game, predictive models for cyber threats must be built and emerging threats must be detected through early indicators. At Cybermatix we combine techniques from multiple disciplines including algorithms, machine learning, data mining, game theory, statistics, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and build tools for data acquisition from different domains. Cybermatix follows state of the art in research and development in those areas to be a leader in next generation cyber security solutions.


As we live in the era of “smarts” (i.e., smart phones, smart cars, smart houses, smart meters, …) the attack surface for cyber threats becomes larger and larger. As the defense mechanisms get more sophisticated, so do the offensive technologies that evade them (e.g., complex attack vectors, emulator analysis etc.), leading to a cat and mouse game. Building technologies to get ahead in this race is one of the challenges Cybermatix aims to address.

Furthermore, cyber defense gets more challenging under multiple concurrent independent or coordinated malicious cyber campaigns with multiple operators. In such scenarios, identifying early indicators and sharing such information becomes crucial for success.